Mar 1 2011

U-turn on our forests

This wasn’t supposed to be the article you’re reading now. I had written a piece on the governme…

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2011: Year of the forests

Last year we had the ‘Year of Biodiversity’, next year we’ve got ‘The Year of Sustainable En…

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Feb 4 2011

Rationing: can we do it in 2011?

With many around the world already struggling to find enough to eat, global food shortages in the ve…

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Jan 24 2011

Sustainable Business Awards

Have you instigated a leading sustainability initiative which has driven real change in your organis…

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Jan 1 2011

Meet the low carbon generation

Anyone who is a fan of Hello Eco Living will know that one of the best ways to raise awareness …

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Nov 1 2010

The enviromental effects of palm oil

Let’s play a word association game. If I say ‘climate change’ what’s the first thing that po…

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The greenest government ever?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks there’s no doubt you’ll have hea…

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Benefits of Bamboo

Strong. Durable. Versatile. Environmentally friendly. Admittedly, my own first thought on bam…

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Sep 1 2010

Investing in Green energy

Who said investing for profit has to be devoid of ethics, investing in green energy may in a way acc…

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Aug 1 2010

Wind energy: the beginning

If you thought learning about wind energy was tricky, then think agin. Mary explores what wind energ…

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