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Posted on: 9 Aug 2016 by: georgina

Did you know that in one year alone at Glastonbury Festival, 20,000 tents were abandoned? Not to mention the thousands of tons of food waste and rubbish left piled up in putrid mounds across the area. You can imagine what effect this has on our environment, so here are a few top tips on how to make your festival experience greener…

Love your tent!

It appears that these modern, lightweight tents are super easy to put up, but near impossible to fold up and squeeze back into our bags. The figure above may already seem high, but imagine the total quantity that all UK festivals produce each summer, and their effect on our environment.

‘Love Your Tent’ is a campaign set up by eco-organisation ‘A Greener Festival’, and is designed to make “getting up and leaving absolutely everything behind you completely socially unacceptable.” This promotion was put into place for the first time at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2012, and successfully saw only 18 tents left behind out of the 1500 camping. So squeeze that tent back into its case and keep it for next year!

Choose the right food…

Tents, however, are not the only problem- food, believe it or not, is an even bigger issue. Nowadays an awful lot of our food is packaged in plastic which is not biodegradable. Festivals produce vast volumes of food and packaging waste which is a danger to the environment, so food sustainability should be a priority. It is a good idea to buy fresh food and to support local sustainable farming, or choose cardboard packaging rather than plastic, since it is easily recyclable.

Say NO to glowsticks!

Surprisingly, smaller, less significant objects like abandoned glowsticks and bars of soap are also contributing to environmental damage. Glowsticks contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment, and once millions have been neglected, they can cause a significant amount of damage.

And to sum up…

Truly achieving a green festival will only work if we all play our part, so love your tent- don’t leave it, take your soap home and use it. Choose your food wisely, what’s the point of all that plastic? Why glowsticks? Wear luminous clothing instead, find another way to glow and stand out! Let our environment enjoy festivals as much as we do…


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Georgina is one of the newest members of the Hello Eco Living Team. She lives in beautiful Kent and has been a vegetarian for seven years. Georgina is passionate about protecting animals and their habitats.

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