Sainbury’s drop krill oil

Posted on: 7 Jan 2016 by: Laura Fitzpatrick

I’ve opened my inbox this morning to a wonderful email from the SumOfUs team. The campaigning organisation have had a massive breakthrough – Sainbury’s have removedVitabiotics Krill Oil from their shelves.

Krill may be tiny. But these shrimp-like creatures are a cornerstone of the Antarctic food chain. Hundreds of marine creatures like whales, penguins, and seals rely on krill for survival.

Tens of thousands of incredible SumOfUs members stood up to Sainsbury’s one way or another and pressured Sainsbury’s to do the right thing.

The organisation led the campaign to sign petitions, tweet, write on Sainsbury’s Facebook wall, deliver letters, and produce a fun video.

Because of that, Sainsbury’s no longer sells Vitabiotics Krill Oil, citing “lack of customer demand”.

This is a huge step towards protecting the pristine Antarctic from companies that are greedily looking to profit off crucial natural resources.

A very happy start to the New Year!


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