WIN: £100 of ethical clothing

Posted on: 19 Nov 2010 by: Laura Fitzpatrick

If ethical clothing is right up your street, then you’ve came to the right place. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Rapanui clothing to offer you the chance of winning a goody bag with £100.

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The bag includes: an organic t-shirt, organic socks, locally sourced fair trade chocolate and other little treats!


To enter:

All you have to do is tell us why you love ethical clothing, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article – make sure you’re signed up as a member of hello eco living so that we have your email address and can let you know that you’ve won!  Closing date is Christmas eve 2010.

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Laura heads up our editorial team here at Hello Eco Living. She's the youngest member of her WI, loves the great outdoors and new adventures!

46 Comment(s) on WIN: £100 of ethical clothing

  1. woolncupcakes

    Oooh! As a family we love ethical clothing for lots of reasons – but mainly because it means that my children aren’t wearing something that’s been made in horrible conditions by other children! We also like clothes that are made with consideration for the environment as well as for other people so that we can reduce our impact while still remaining clothed (!), comfortable and stylish!!

  2. lunarhorse

    Ethical clothing should be normal, everything else is weird.

  3. yvonne14

    I love things that are natural and green and this clothing would make me feel good just wearing it knowing that it comes from natural products i would feel good and look good in it

  4. charlottet

    It feels great to wear- not only because of the good quality but because you know it’s helped and not hindered others. It’s like wearing a story with a happy ending, not a story you’d be ashamed of if anyone brought it up.

  5. dicka

    I think ethical coathing is better quality i love things that are green

  6. maci234

    its fandabidozy

  7. Hel Cruse

    Ethical Clothing feels good on your skin, and GREAT in your heart.

  8. mimijane

    I love ethnical food, ethical drink and ethnical clothing … in fact everything ethical ‘cos I’m a very ethical person!

  9. feefeegabor

    I feel happy wearing ethical clothing – looks good on the outside, feels good inside!

  10. caryne

    I’ve been a vegan for over thirty years and it’s great that these days I can dress ethically as well as eat this way.

  11. Solange

    Better quality

  12. liviaaa

    love ethical clothing as I believe no-one should profit to the expense of someone else, in this case everyone from cotton farmers through to the sewing machinists

  13. 010471JW


  14. V Cairns

    Ethical fashion has lost its boring image – you can easily be fashion-forward and not compromise your ethics.

  15. katherine grieve

    You feel good when your wearing it!!!

  16. mazgoli

    It’s the way forward for the world!

  17. Jo

    Ethical clothing is “Exciting, Trendy, Heavenly, Innovative, Creative, Artistic and Lively”

  18. laura jones

    it means you can look good with a clear conscience

  19. Clair Chen

    I love fashion but not sweatshops.

  20. lorilizy

    Ethical clothing gives me a warm feeling inside, knowing that no-one has suffered to make me look great

  21. nataliemay30

    I love ethical clothing because clothes represent who you are as a person and I love the fact that they not only look good but they stand for everything that’s important in life; the environment, nature and the world we live in.

  22. claire

    i love the clothing as nothing has been destroyed to make it

  23. ellie

    It’s a bit like organic food, it’s good for me, good for society and good for the planet :)

  24. shane weir

    i love the uniqueness and the spirit behind them

  25. Holly Green

    I love ethical clothing because I believe in living as sustainable a life as I can. I’m doing a degree in Animal Management, so I’m a huge animal lover. I recycle everything I can and my family get annoyed with me for moaning at them about it! We need to live today how we want future generations to live, not wastefully so there won’t be anything left.

  26. simone1

    its the natural feeling you get from wearing cloths that you know have not been made in the sweat shops involving little kids getting paid a pittence in terrible conditions your cloths do not leave a carbon footprint and thats what counts

  27. karmafree

    Because Ethical Clothing makes me feel FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    Not only wearing it (they’re most comfortable clothes in the world!) but also by knowing that it is a good thing for Earth and all People, that makes me feel more FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    And.. it also makes the whole world FREE! :))

    What could possibly be better reason than this? ;)

  28. esther james

    because ethical clothing means I can look good, without feeling bad.

  29. kathy cakebread

    I’m very green and think there is nothing better then wearing clothing that you know hasn’t been made to harm the environment

  30. luby

    It’s great to care about what I wear.
    A bamboo panda top
    is cool for sure from an eco shop.

  31. lottiegirlx

    ethical clothing is essential to our family , to buy something from the high street which has come from a child who works in awful conditions is wrong, clothes should be from sustainable sources that are made in conditions that benefits the communities they originate from. Ethical clothing has a better feel about it and wash better.

  32. alison66

    It is not just about ethical clothing it is about a way of life, adjustment of attitude and if it was something we all thought and cared about there would be less poverty and heartache for the next generation.

  33. ozziebird

    All unethical clothing should come with a health warning (not for us but for the workers ‘Unethical clothing seriously damages someones health’) and come with a dvd of exactly how it was made, there would be no repeat sales…. then these child abusing factory owners and stores would have to change their procedures in the making of their clothes and how they treat their workers…. as it stands ETHICAl clothing gives the wearer a clear conscience, a stylish wardrobe and comfort in the fact no one was exploited in its making… I have seen with my own eyes the conditions some work in and if everyone in the world could be party to what I saw there would be no unethical clothing/products available, to many turn a blind eye to save a few pennies, to many make £££ turning a blind eye to how their clothing is made.

    wearing Ethical clothing…is like giving a great big cuddle to a child somewhere!

  34. tris1010

    because how a product comes into being gives its true value

  35. bronzemedal

    I always dress ethically ’cause I know it looks great,
    and going green is something to celebrate!

  36. haxel

    Wearing an item of clothing should make us feel good, and if we feel good we look good. However, we can’t feel good wearing something if we know someone has suffered or been exploited to produce it. So in order to look your very best you should only wear ethical clothing – just another reason to make the ethical choice!

  37. gilla01

    It’s nice to do my little bit to help.

  38. olympics2012

    It is a great way to look good and at the same time make your contribution towards a carbon neutral planet.

  39. chr1smaz

    I love ethical clothing as it makes me feel less guilty about all of the people around the world who are not as fortunate as ourselves, as well as the fact that quite often ethical clothing DOES feel a lot better to the touch and the designs are usually of a lot higher standard and much more individual!

  40. oldhamborn

    Ethical clothing is green as the green, green grass of home!!!

  41. Danielle Hodges

    I love ethical clothing; I love it when someone asks “where you got that beautiful hoody from” and you can say…WELL you see this here hoody is made out of plastic bottles don’t you know! Yep, that’s right you might have drank out of this, and I’m wearing it. Ethical clothes for all their reasons make me mostly smile inside.

  42. saranna

    The thing about ethical clothing is that it makes one huge fashion statement about who you are – That you care about clothes alright but not only that they look and feel beautiful and natural but that they are bought and sold with love and compassion.

  43. cheetnchads

    Since becoming vegan at the beginning of this year my fiancee and I have not only changed our diets but also diverted to ethical alternatives to our clothing purchases.

    People don’t ask enough questions about where their clothing comes from, how it’s made and who suffered for them to make their latest fashion statement.

    I used to be one of them.
    Now I hope to change other people’s perceptions of ethical clothing that I come into contact by what I wear. On trend, in fashion and all ethical!

  44. Angie

    Peace of mind and quality rolled into one Ethical clothing is second to none!!

  45. vivian allman

    i love ethical clothing, it’s just me it goes with my recycling and green efforts that i make

  46. communityoffsetdotcom

    It is now way past the deadline for this so I can speak without any prejudice!; Rapanui are excellent both in value and in durability with the added bonus of putting something back into the world. I bought all of my work T shirts from them and they have proved comfy and long lasting, in short these guys are superb….. cheers guys, look forward to more purchases soon.

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